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Rental Little giant ladder

Price : $ 25.00 / day
Location : CO 80134 Parker
Owner :rentthis
Account :Individual
Evaluation :Rating 1/5

Adjustable Ladder. Great for painting or putting up christmas lights

Fully adjustable ladder. Great for painting or putting up christmas lights.

Nearly New

Rental Time Interval
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  • Tuesday -
  • Wednesday -
  • Thursday -
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  • Sunday

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Daily price $ 25.00
Weekend Price $ 50.00
Weekly price $ 175.00
Monthly price $ 700.00
Accepted Payments
  • Cash -
  • Paypal
Deposit $ 175.00 (deposit by check, will be returned at the end of rental period)
Comment Rating User Date Item
I didn't get the item but couldn't rate this very good because the personal info to contact about this rental wasn't avalid. Rating 1/5 dianadoyle 2013-08-20 4:52 pm
wont use this site again unless my money is refunded. Rating 1/5 austincooley 2010-12-05 4:03 pm

Evaluation as a Owner (2)
I sent an e-mail to Zilok on Sunday that this rental was invalid. The phone number Rating 1/5dianadoyle2013-08-20 4:52 pm
Item #49851
contact information provided in the booking was bad. couldn't contact the person renting the ladder.Rating 1/5austincooley2010-12-05 4:03 pm
Item #49851