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Rental Portable sound system

Price : $ 50.00 / day
Location : IL 60439 Lemont
Owner :avdept
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Fender Passport P-250 Sound System

Expanding on the basic features included in the smaller Passport 150 Pro, the 300 level contains even more controls, inputs, and options so you can meet the demands of any live sound situation. The mixer includes four distinct microphone/line inputs with phantom power plus to two sets of stereo channels. Each channel is outfitted with treble, bass, and reverb controls to distinguish each element. Both stereo channels give the option 1/8th inch stereo or dual 1/4 inch mono inputs allowing easy connection from iPods, CD players, and other media devices. For expanded low end, the 300 Pro even sports a sub out jack to connect your system to a powered subwoofer for torrential bass power. 


-Intuative design with interlocking, molded plastic components that form an easily movable case-like package
-Four microphone/line inputs and two stereo inputs for a wide range of inputting options
-Independent treble, bass, and reverb controls on each channel to strike the perfect balance in your mix
-Phantom power for use with applicable microphones
-Stereo VU meter to monitor your output levels
-Sub out jack to connect to a powered subwoofer for extra bass
-Internal latching compartment for cable storage

Like the rest of the Passport Pro series from Fender, the Passport 300 Pro offers the very best in quality design, construction, and sound. Providing a little more oomph than the the 150 Pro but not quite as large as the 500 Pro, the Fender Passport 300 Pro is an easy-to-use and portable PA system.

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Daily price $ 50.00
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