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Rental Focusrite octopre le

Price : $ 25.00 / day
Location : PA 18705 Wilkes Barre
Owner :anchorandoak
Account :Individual

8-channel Mic Preamp with 8 XLR Inputs and 8 Analog Outputs

8 Channels of Focusrite Preamp in One Box!

There are THOUSANDS of studios across the land that could really take advantage of a lower-priced version of the original and very popular OctoPre. If that happens to be you and your studio, the OctoPre LE is for you! The Focusrite OctoPre LE will find homes in studios that do not require some of the original OctoPre's features, yet desire an excellent sounding multi-channel front end.

Extremely easy to use, OctoPre LE helps to save session time and engineer heartache. Auto switching front and rear panel inputs and total control of the digital I/O from the front fascia allow the unit to remain racked and patched, with every I/O solution available at the flick of a switch. In typical Focusrite fashion, the OctoPre LE upholds professional standards throughout, boasting class-leading specifications.

Housed in a sturdy 1U chassis with the familiar Platinum fascia, OctoPre LE is the first of the Platinums to feature a 'porthole'-style peak-reading meter, similar to Focusrite's industry standard Red range of products. The meter can be switched to display the input level of any one of the eight channels. The two Super Channels feature DI for guitars or similar instruments, as well as a low impedance switch for making the most of ribbon mics and allowing deliberate mic mis-matching for enhanced creativity. Other features include phantom power, independent clip metering and low cut filters on every channel.

Focusrite OctoPre LE Features:

  • Eight channels of classic Focusrite preamplification based on the popular Green Range
  • 8 analog outputs
  • Optional digital converter card, which both accepts and transmits digital audio in either 44.1 or 48kHz 24-bit ADAT optical 'lightpipe' format
  • Can also be used as a monitoring control between DAW and speaker system, for up to 7.1 surround monitoring
  • 8 balanced (although unbalanced can be used) 1/4" jack inputs located on front panel for quick and easy access, first two channels can be used for DI-free plug-in of guitars and basses
  • Channels 1 and 2 also allow a microphone signal (input using the rear panel XLR connections) the option of lower impedance input
  • Classic Focusrite analog circuit design and comprehensive A-D and D-A interface options
  • Perfect for digital audio workstation
  • Equally, it could be utilized as part of a compact multi-channel location recording solution, or as an additional set of professional-quality mic pres for any analog or digital console or hard disk recorder.

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