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Rental Automotive inductive timing light

Price : $ 5.00 / day
Location : GA 30134 Douglasville
Owner :engineerten
Account :Individual

Automotive Inductive Timing Light

This timing light is a strobe light used for checking ignition timing and fires whenever the spark plug does to maximize engine efficiency. This timing light works on all foreign and domestic 12-volt gasoline engines. Some older timing lights require the removal of the spark plug boot in order to attach a direct pickup between the wire's terminal and the center conductor of the spark plug.

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Daily price $ 5.00
Weekend Price $ 10.00
Weekly price $ 35.00
Monthly price $ 140.00
Accepted Payments
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  • Paypal
Deposit $ 40.00 (Deposit by cash or Paypal. Deposit will be returned at the end of rental period.)

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