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Price : $ 2.00 / day
Location : CA 91745 Hacienda Heights
Owner :magnusmu
Account :Individual
Evaluation :Rating 4/5

450 Amp portable jump starting power, with air compressor

The Black & Decker Jump-Starter/Inflator has 450 instant amps to start your car in the unlikely event that your battery goes dead. You can never count on finding someone to jump-start your car, even if you have a set of jumper cables. The Jump-Starter/Inflator will alleviate this worry by giving you the power you need to do it yourself.

Black & Decker\'s Jump-Starter/Inflator is a powerful and compact tool to restart your vehicle. View larger.
Portable and Powerful
The Jump-Starter/Inflator is portable, cordless, and rechargeable. It featuresare 450 amp instant starting power for nearly any vehicle. It is so versatile it will power coolers, air compressors, inverters, spotlights, and almost anything with a car charger attachment, even cell phones and laptops.

Inflator Attachment
The Jump-Starter/Inflator also comes equipped with an air compressor which will inflate vehicle tires, sports equipment, bicycle tires, pool toys, and more. This unit is perfect for taking along to soccer games, football games, camping trips, or anyplace where an inflator might come in handy.

Safe and easy to use
The Jump-Starter/Inflator also features a keyless on/off power safety switch and reverse hook-up warning alarm in case the cables are accidentally attached to the wrong terminals. An LED battery status indicator lets you know the state of your battery.

The Jump-Starter/Inflator recharges easily from any household AC outlet, so that it will be ready the next time you need it.

No more jumper cables
With Black & Decker\'s Jump-Starter/Inflator, there is no more worrying about having to track down a friendly vehicle. Whether you\'re in the rain, on an empty street on a dark night, alone in an unfamiliar place, or on a remote playing field with a flat soccer ball, you\'ll be happy that the Jump-Starter/Inflator is charged and ready to assist you.


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Daily price $ 2.00
Weekend Price $ 4.00
Weekly price $ 12.00
Monthly price $ 47.00
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Deposit $ 100.00
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Evaluation as a Owner (2)
Fantastic renter. Really easy. I couldn't recommend more highly.Rating 5/5walloon2010-08-30 8:02 pm
Item #81432
There was some confusion on the collection dates and some missed emails on some of my questions prior to the collection date.Owner missed some phone calls too, after everything was sort out it were fast and easy.Rating 3/5miscr2009-05-06 2:29 am
Item #81432