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Rental Argus digital battery analyzer aa500pwp with thermal printer

Price : $ 10.00 / day
Location : CA 91745 Hacienda Heights
Owner :magnusmu
Account :Individual
Evaluation :Rating 4/5

Most advanced battery tester, 4 unique tests give complete car battery health

Make sure you won't get stranded before you go on a long trip.  


Digital Battery Analyzer with Thermal Report Printer

For automotive service professionals, fleet maintenance technicians, heavy duty and industrial battery service technicians.

Four unique tests deliver complete picture of battery health.

The intelligent combination of Large Pulse Resistance LPR testing,CrankCheck technology, basic battery diagnostics and system health testing delivers a comprehensive view of overall battery and system health. LPR provides an absolute measure of battery condition, and CrankCheck measures actual engine starting (cold cranking) performance. This combination along with starting and charging system tests deliver the most comprehensive analysis of battery health and system performance available.

Fast to operate, and easy to understand results.

The entire test sequence can be completed in a few seconds. The AA series interface and displays are clear and intuitive, providing users with a wealth of clearly organized results. The graphical display offers at-a-glance understanding of key battery performance characteristics with icons and audible alarms highlighting critical battery problems.

Diagnose and replace batteries before they fail

  • Measure battery storage capability
  • Measure starting performance (cold cranking performance)
  • Identify charging system and alternator problems
  • Print complete battery and system test reports with the AATPR10  included
User manual here: 


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Daily price $ 10.00
Weekend Price $ 20.00
Weekly price $ 70.00
Monthly price $ 280.00
Accepted Payments
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Deposit $ 300.00
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Evaluation as a Owner (2)
Fantastic renter. Really easy. I couldn't recommend more highly.Rating 5/5walloon2010-08-30 8:02 pm
Item #81432
There was some confusion on the collection dates and some missed emails on some of my questions prior to the collection date.Owner missed some phone calls too, after everything was sort out it were fast and easy.Rating 3/5miscr2009-05-06 2:29 am
Item #81432