Renting policy

When you want to put something up for rent on Zilok, there are some rules to follow. This is important for maintaining the quality of the rentals on offer, maintaining user confidence, and out of respect for applicable laws and ethical standards.

Zilok reserves the right to suspend an account and/or to moderate any listing that does not respect all of Zilok’s rules and regulations. Thus a member who puts an object up for rent is responsible for all the information in that listing. The listing must not break any laws, and must follow Zilok’s specific regulations. The Zilok team does not guarantee or carry out any editorial screening of listing content posted by its members.

Removal or other moderating of contentious material has no implications as to the validity, pertinence, conformity with the law or the quality of all other listings, rental offers and comments that have not been deleted.

Let the member or user be aware that each contribution they make, be it a rental offer or a comment, may be deleted if it does not respect all of Zilok’s rules and regulations.

1. Description of the Rental Offer Listings

The Rental Offer Listings describe the objects, products and goods that are currently on offer for rent. They can only include the words, documents and images which the member decides to put online. Members are responsable for this content, especially with regards any intellectual property claims which might be made by a third party. All the objects, products and goods put up for rent must be placed in the appropriate category. The owner is soley responsible for ensuring proper category choices for their rental offers. Placement of a listing in a particular category by an owner can in no instance be interpreted as a guarantee on Zilok’s part regarding the origin and authenticity of said rental object.

External provisions for a particuler rental, such as delivery, maintenance, or other assistance in the context of the rental must be clearly indicated in the ‘description zone’ for a given object or good. An owner always offer for rent physical objects which a renter can pick up, either from the owner’s address or at a rental location.

The owner, individual or professional may make no mention of personal contact information anywhere on their rental listings. Things that count as contact information include the physical location of the rental, the owner’s physical address, and the owner’s fax or telephone number, mailing address or email address.

Any conditions specific to a particular rental which are not covered in an online Rental Contract, or in the safety deposit and rental availability sections, must be included in the product description area.

An owner must have either all ownership rights on an object, or all rights allowing them to put the object they have listed up for rent.

In no case may the owner change the price of a transaction once they have accepted a given rental request. They must go by the price as listed when the rental request was accepted.

Once a rental offer is listed, and before any rental request is accepted, the owner and rental candidate may not share their identities or personal contact information for any reason (via the Zilok interface or otherwise). Included as contact information are things like physical address, physical location of the rental, fax or telephone numbers where you can be reached, mailing address or email.

2. Content of Rental Offers

The user or member agrees to ask for no financial renumeration regarding usage of content that is published on Zilok also has the right to moderate, edit and partially or totally exclude the content of any rental offer. Zilok has no legal obligations with regards to any posted content.

Zilok reserves the right to broadcast rental offer content on other partner websites, which members expressly allow.

The user or member accepts that may use published content for financial ends, and may resell and/or otherwise exchange information (with the exception of personal information – see Privacy Policy) with third parties for a fee or at no charge.

The member guarantees that they possess all intellectual property rights on the listings content, including the text (title, subtitle, description etc...) and the visual elements. Equally they guarantee rights to the images of persons or goods posted as visual elements in the listings, and that they are respecting public usage and privacy laws.

3. Non-Rentable Objects and Goods

Members agree to offer for rent only objects and goods that are part of regular market commerce. They guarantee that holding and usage of these goods, as well as their rental are legal and authorized under USA law.

Members guarantee that the goods and objects presented for rent on contain no defects that would puts persons or goods in danger

Members agree not to offer for rent objects that are counter to the public good, that are unethical, or that are liable to offend the sensibilities of minors.

Thus members agree not to offer for rent goods or services that are banned or for which the holding, usage or rental would constitute a violation of a ban.

Members agree not to offer goods for rent that:

  • are misleading, obscene, pornographic, related to prostitution or procurement
  • would allow for solicitation of others, with an aim towards sexual relations in exchange for renumeration or the promise of remuneration
  • would consist of soliciting, obtaining or accepting sexual relations with a minor
  • incite towards hate, violence, racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, sexual/religious/racial or other discrimination
  • of an injurious of defammatory nature
  • are an attack on the public image, private life, honour, reputation or representation of others or of human dignity
  • are stolen
  • are an attack on the rights of a third party, notably literary and artistic rights, or of industrial property, that constitute an offer of professional secrets, third party private correspondance, or rights to information on persons resulting from files or electronic databases
  • are for the purpose of provoking a minor into using, holding, offering or transporting drugs, consuming alcohol, begging, committing a crime or making sexual propositions.
  • consist of a pornographic image of a minor
  • are the product of a crime
  • encourage murder, violence, public disorder or crimes against humanity
  • having to do with important and sensitive national interests, national institutions, territorial safety and/or national defense
  • constitutes a program or instrument for handling information that allows a person to automatically organize and analyze a large amount of data
  • that is not in conformity with United States and international security standards, or that follows a model which has been subject to contestation regarding said security (following an examination by an organization authorized by the Department of Industrial Relations)
  • has not been officially recognized
  • does not respect legislation and regulations pertaining to that category of goods

Members guarantee that they hold all ownership rights and/or authorizations necessary for the goods they offer for rent.

See the non-exhaustive list of forbidden rental objects on Zilok

Certain objects can only be rented if certain conditions are met. This may include obtaining administrative authorization, obtaining permission from the author, editor, holder of brands and patents, or more general intellectual property rights. This applies but is not restricted to objects in the following list:

  • Real Estate
  • Large emission vehicules
  • Works that are copyright protected (DVDs, CDs, video games, board games, computers, books, photographs, artwork...)

The responsibility lies with Members to ensure that the objects they offer for rent are legal, authorized and not forbidden. In cases where illegal products are offered for rent, penal and/or civil responsibilities may be incurred.

All Members who become aware of a rental offer that involves forbidden goods agree to contact Zi Group immediately via email to the following address :, in the Contact Us section.

Zi Group reserves the right to remove from its website any listings which are against the law, and/or contrary to its principles and morals. Zi Group also reserves the right to ban the Member who posted said offer.