Prohibited Items List

Adjunct to the Rules for Rental Offers, a list of forbidden rental objects has been compiled. This list is provided for information only. It is not meant to furnish an exhaustive list of forbidden goods, and is subject to change at any moment.
Animals and animal by-products
Drugs and medical accessories or equipment
Firearms, ammunition or other materials of war
Firearms that are not considered materials of war
Firearms and their ammunititon that are classified for self-defense, hunting rifles and their ammunition, grenades, exhibition or antique firearms and their ammunition
Gambling or lottery devices
Devices for games of chance
Surveillance devices
Devices created for the purpose of spying, hiijacking, monitering long distance communication transmitted via telecommunication, and other controlled devices of this nature which are included in lists that are part of the penal code
Libellous goods
Goods containing messages which are libellous, injurious, and/or counter to privacy laws concerning the honor, representation and reputation of others
Stolen goods
Illegal possessions
Goods that have been in contact with blood, saliva or sexual organs
Cultural goods
national treasures or goods that represent a major national interest
goods that are by their nature suitable for consumption, destruction, degradation or being otherwise used up
Goods that promote alcohol
Goods which create a direct or indirect advertisement for alcoholic beverages
Goods of a pornographic, pedophile or violent nature -- or that are otherwise innapropriate for minors
Goods of an adult or sexual nature
(i.e. associated with sexual activity, representations of genital organs, sex toys etc...)
Goods which incite discrimination, violence, xenophobia, anti-semitism or racial hatred
Goods which go against intellectual, industrial or artistic property rights, or against author rights (including counterfeiting)
Bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, checks and check books
Official documents
Illegal recordings
Military equipments and devices
False documents
False money and false stamps
Official uniforms and badges
Personal files and data
Machines for stamping
Materials for opening locks
Any materials, instruments, programs or other thing for the purpose of creating or protecting against counterfeit or the falsification of bills or change
Objects containing messages which are indecent
Plants and vegetables that are illegal to own or sell in the United States
Magic trick materials
Pocket-bikes and mini-motorcycles
Products of the human body and organs
Dangerous and illegal products
Products which advocate methods of murdering
Pirated goods
Products which lack a serial number or certificate of authenticity
Products or goods where the expiry date will have passed by the proposed time of rental
Under garments
Dangerous and illicit substances
Substances designed to bring about death
Harmful substances
Narcotics and associated materials
Explosive substances, or materials fabricated through the aid of explosives, nuclear materials
Tabacco and its derivatives
Tabacco product or another article which in any way represents or is remeniscent of tabacco
Uniforms, badges or emblems which signify organizations or people who have been responible for crimes against humanity