Forum Guidelines

Article 1: Advertising

This forum is not intended to help generate traffic to your website. It is prohibited to introduce our competitors or describe their services. Any post whose only purpose is to advertise services, whether seeking or selling, is also prohibited.

Article 2: Spelling

All messages should be written using correct English, the titles of the messages should be clear and descriptive. Each message should be published in the most relevant category to its content.

Article 3: Good Conduct

You should remain courteous in your messages and avoid any personal attacks or disruptive or rude messages against others or Zilok. If you are not satisfied with Zilok services, please contact us directly.

Article 4: Technical Issues

It is prohibited to use this forum to discuss technical issues related to the Site. You can contact our staff directly to discuss or get help on these matters.

Article 5: Discretion

It is prohibited to publish personal statistics, such as the number of Rental Listings or transactions, or the income generated by such transactions.

Article 6: Respect

You can talk about anything you care about in the forum, please remain respectful of our community. Illegal, controversial, or offensive discussions are prohibited.

Article 7: Reservations

The opinions and messages published in the forum, from Zilok members or Zilok administrators, are the sole responsibility of their author, and do not necessarily represent those opinions of Zilok.

Article 8: Moderation

We reserve the right to change the present rules and guidelines without prior notice. We reserve the right to edit, delete, move or close subjects, messages or topics that we deem not compliant with the present Forum Guidelines or other Zilok policies. We reserve the right to ban anyone who violates our Forum Guidelines and other Policies or otherwise disrupts the Zilok community.

Appropriate Conduct

The forum is a user-friendly place dedicated to helping and sharing. To keep the forum a fun and safe place, please follow the following general rules of conduct.