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Zilok Partners with Loxam, Rental Industry Leader in Europe

Zilok is already the World leading online rental marketplace, with operations in five countries. People from all over the World share the same concerns about the environment, and appreciate innovative ways to make money.

Today we're announcing a major partnership with Loxam, the European leader of the Rental Industry. Zilok is both a member of the American Rental Association and the European Rental Association, helping rental businesses from both part of the Atlantic being as close as possible to their customers.

Zilok is the place to people go whenever you are looking for something to rent, whatever that may be. This partnership is a big step forward for us to make that happen for our growing community of users. We hope to announce similar partnerships closer to US homes soon! In the meantime, here's the Press Release for the partnership:

Paris, France, November 28th, 2008

Loxam, the European rental industry leader, partners in France with Zilok.com, the World leading online rental marketplace, to bolster its online presence and grow its customer base.

In the midst of the economic storm, the fast-growing rental industry (7.9% compound annual growth rate in the US since 1998, up to a $36.5 Bn market in 2007) is fighting hard to keep the sales up. A successful strategy is to multiply customer outreach by adding alternative sales channels. Zilok is offering exactly that by connecting online customers looking for rentals with rental businesses. Despite the current turmoil, the rental business model as a whole is structurally growing. More and more consumers, individuals and businesses, are embracing the pay-per-usage model. The economic crisis, credit crunch, growing environmental concerns, limited storage space all push towards a wide spread adoption of this new way of consuming: paying for usage, rather than paying for ownership.

With the Zilok partnership, Loxam consolidates its multi-channel sales strategy, and accesses a new customer base through the online platform. Zilok grows its rental inventory in the tools and construction categories. Gary Cige, Zilok co-founder and CEO, explains: "Our site gathers in one place rental listings from people and businesses. After rolling out major partnerships in the vehicles, skiing equipment and vacation rental industries, it was a priority for us to expand our offering in construction rentals."

Patrick Rizzo, Loxam Marketing Director in France, confirms: "Our complete rental catalog, targeted to contractors, SMBs and individuals, has been integrated within the Zilok platform. Zilok's localization system allows online customers to easily find the closest Loxam location to his or her house. Then our agents handle the new customer with the professionalism, know-how and high-level customer service that characterize our network. The density and extended coverage of our locations network are definitely an asset for Loxam and a major benefit for our clients. Zilok participates in our effort to be as close as possible to our clients."

About LOXAM and Zilok.com

LOXAM is the rental industry leader in Europe, providing equipment for the construction, manufacturing and events industries. LOXAM manages a network of more than 550 locations in 10 countries. Zilok.com is the one-stop-shop for rentals, where anyone, individual or professional, can rent or offer for rent any type of goods. Zilok.com was launched in October 2007 by Gary Cige, Marion Carrette and Thibaud Elzière, founder of the microstock exchange site Fotolia.com