Pro Testimonials

Rafi Zait, The Traveling Baby Co., California

When you're traveling with babies and kids, chances are you weren't able to pack in the suitcase the crib, stroller, baby car seat and all the goodies you'll need at your destination.

The good news is, you can rent all that from The Traveling Baby, from one of their 16 US locations, and from other baby equipment rental businesses across the country directly on Zilok! Happy family traveling!

Rafi Zait, owner of Traveling Baby Company, is a proud member of our community and sent us a nice testimonial:

"Zilok has been great in setting up our products. The process was easy and saved valuable time. I think with this concept you cannot go wrong and we look forward to working with Zilok for many years to come."

Larry Black, Mt Airy Bicyles, Maryland

Larry Black is the passionate owner of Mt Airy Bicycles, which is not just a bike rental and sale business, but probably the best museum dedicated to pedal-powered vehicles in the World.

Imagine 2,700 one-of-a-kind original, vintage bicycles, tandems, recumbents, even a 7-person "conference" bike! Larry and his team have been collecting, restoring, and caring for those for many, many years. And he would rather have people use them than them gathering dust at Mt Airy Bicycles. So now, you can rent any of them on Zilok. Have fun checking them out!

Larry was kind enough to show us his appreciation with this testimonial:

Zilok is, in one word, amazing.

This well-organized service is an invaluable tool that if known to more, could take us to a greener, more sustainable, and fiscally healthier planet.

Our bikes are excited about making new friends and we are excited about finishing projects by having useful tools that we will not need but a few times.
And when bikes find homes and projects get completed? We might just think about a weekend getaway or an excursion in an exotic car or classic boat.

Zilok simply makes life great for everyone- and the people behind it seem to be role models for kindness and good business.

Larry Black
Owner, Mt Airy Bicycles

Max Shevyakov, BorrowLenses, California

Max Shevyakov is the owner of, a SF Bay Area based rental business for professional quality cameras, lenses, tripods and accessories. These great products can be ordered anywhere in the US through its delivery service and website.

We at are very excited to begin our partnership with Using, we will undoubtedly reach out to folks looking for high quality camera equipment rentals that we would have otherwise missed.

I believe that Zilok's business model aligns very well with and their services should help companies and individuals alike. I believe the US is ready for a service like theirs and we are very excited to join them and watch their US operations grow.

Max Shevyakov

John V., AAA Rental System, Illinois

John V., Marketing Manager at AAA Rental System (Illinois) really believes in this truly innovative approach to the rental industry.

I believe that Zilok offers a truly innovative approach to the rental industry. At the heart of this bold statement is Zilok's dynamic online platform. Renters and the people who rent alike are able to easily make tangible exchanges in a virtual medium simply by visiting their website.

One of our initial concerns was getting our huge inventory of items listed, but Zilok integrated it with no problem at all. If you are looking to rent anything is certainly the place and I am proud to work with them.

Chris Smith, Cresco, California

Chris Smith is the CEO of Cresco Equipment Rentals (California). Chris is very excited to join Zilok, a very powerful online marketing tool.

We're very excited at Cresco to join Zilok and help homeowners find the rental equipment they need, when and where they need it. We are committed to support and service the community, locally and conveniently, and Zilok will help us do just that through the Internet.

We hope that the Bay Area will fully embrace Zilok and further discover the benefits of renting. The integration of our inventory was straightforward as Zilok took care of all the technicalities. I think Zilok is a very powerful online marketing tool and we are happy to be participating.