Chris, CEO, Cresco Rentals

We're very excited at Cresco to join Zilok and help homeowners find the rental equipment they need, when and where they need it.

Bob, 32, New York City (NY)

I rent electronics to small businesses. With my Zilok account, I found 12 new clients last month and made $3,500 extra income. Priceless

Karen, 44, North Prairie (WI)

For my son's 12th Bday, I wanted an inflatable house. I googled it, found Zilok, and the kids had a blast. Love the concept, keep it up!

Zach, 36, Brooklyn (NY)

When I found Zilok I realized everything I needed for my home improvement project was in the neighborhood, and I saved $450 on my budget.

Brandy, 38, Los Angeles (CA)

As a professional event planner, I always have to find specific rentals. For me there is a before and an after Zilok: I saved so much time.

Adrianna, 21, Berkeley (CA)

I threw a party for my student association, and needed to find a sound system, heaters, tables and chairs... I'm so glad I found Zilok!!

Jimmy, 29, San Francisco (CA)

I have a garage full of stuff gathering dust. Since it's on Zilok.com, it helps out local people every week, and I already made $200!