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Renting on Zilok instead of Reselling, Regifting: More Money, Less Gaffes

“Oh… Really, you shouldn’t have…”: 83% of US adults receive unwanted gifts during the holidays*. With the recession on everyone’s mind, customers are rallying on the web for bargains.

What’s going to happen in January when hundred of thousands of unwanted presents will pour on eBay and Craigslist at the risk of offending their generous givers? Online faux pas galore.
Zilok can help: more acceptable and often more profitable than reselling or regifting, peer-to-peer renting may be exactly what you need to make extra money without upsetting Aunt Betty.

Warning: High Gaffe Potential in January
Reselling and regifting may have become mainstream, with 38% of US adults doing so*, but it has yet to become part of the gifting etiquette. This January, two populations will collide on the re-commerce sites: more people than ever will be coming to resell their gifts, while more people than ever will come to find online bargains. Probability of gaffes: more than ever.

Renting Will Squeeze More Value out of It than Selling
With the average rental transaction covering 17% of the reselling price of the item**, you only need to rent something 6 times to make more money than when selling it. Some Zilok users rented 2007 Christmas presents and made more money this way than they could have on re-commerce sites, like Thomas: “Last Christmas I received as a gift a SLR digital camera, worth $1,300. I put it up for rent on Zilok and rented it 10 times. I made almost $800. No way I could have made that much reselling it a year later!” Even better: Thomas is still taking beautiful pictures!

Beating the Recession, one Rental at a Time
Zilok's mission is to support and promote peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consuming. There is so much stuff we have and barely use, so much stuff gathering dust in our closets while neighbors are going to buy the same things new. Zilok is the place where you can connect with people around and rent your drill, your Prada purse, your baby car seat, your camping gear, your lawnmower, your digital camera, your pressure washer, just about anything.
You'll make some extra money in the process. He or she will save money. And the environment is winning too, because useless packaging, transportation and natural resources won't have to be wasted while perpetuating the accumulation of unused goods in our households.

Zilok went live in November 2007 in the United States, France and Belgium, and in Spring 2008 in the Netherlands and in the UK. US offices are based in San Francisco, CA. was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine, was elected the best European Startup by the audience of the Plugg Startup Rally 2008, and won the Startup 2.0 Challenge. Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.

* According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for eBay Inc. in November 2008, among 2,033 US adults of age 18 and older
** Calculation made by Zi Group SA on 310 rental bookings made on the Zilok platform in November 2008.

Save Money or Make Money Renting your Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming and everybody is already scared (of the economy)... To lighten things up, here's how people can save or make money with their costume (or anything else) by taking advantage of Zilok

For Immediate Release

SAN FRANCISCO, October 16th, 2008 – According to Visa, Inc., Americans will spend an average of $47 on Halloween candy and decorations. But when it comes to buying or crafting the costume you’ve been thinking about for months, the price tag can be frighteningly higher. And what will become of your pricey costume after Halloween? Dead weight in the closet. The good news is with you’re now able to save money and storage space by renting your costume from someone else. And if you really want your own, make some money by renting it to a neighbor when you’re done scaring people off!

Rent your Halloween costume… from a neighbor is Ali Baba’s cave for rentals. People create listings every day to offer for rent anything they own and don’t use all the time. And in this cave you’ll find scary items: Halloween costumes! If you’re part of the 73% of Americans who will celebrate this hallmark of holiday’s, you’ll need to look good (meaning scary) when you’re off partying. And if pulling $100 out of your pocket for a one-night show pulls you off, Zilok has a better solution, with great costumes available from $10 to $20 a day.

Give your costume a second life
When you’re done trick or treatin’, pause for a moment before you put your brand new, awesome costume to rest along with the ones from previous years. Take a picture and create rental listings on Zilok, so people in the neighborhood can find and rent them from you. With costume parties going on all year, chances are you won’t have to wait until next Halloween for these creatures to start making you money.

Peer-to-peer renting is citizen consumerism
What works with costumes works with anything you’ll find on Zilok: tools, cameras, vehicles, appliances to rent from people and businesses around you. On the flipside, you can make money by listing your pressure washer, car trailer, stroller, Wii videogame system, anything you have.
When you’re renting from a neighbor instead of buying new, you help reducing the accumulation of stuff and its waste of natural resources. Acting on overconsumption doesn’t have to mean limiting our choices. It could mean buying the quality items that we regularly use and renting whatever we need once in a while.

Zilok Official USA Launch!

Do you have a tent you’ve used twice or a digital camera gathering dust in a drawer? Do you need a power drill for just one project?

In a world where a drill is only used for an average of 12 minutes over its whole lifetime it has become clear that even though we often feel we have too much stuff, we always seem to want and need more. After six months in live beta, Zilok, already the World’s largest peer-to-peer renting platform, today announced its full US service launch, and with it a proven green way to make money from the things you have and save money on the things you want and need.

Make money, save money
The bicycles, camping gear, strollers and electronics that gather dust in our cluttered closets and garages are needed right now by people in your area who would love to rent an item for a few days rather than spend much more to buy it themselves.

Keep it local and be a green hero
By simply renting things you aren’t using to people in your area, you cut down on conspicuous consumption and encourage the reuse of everyday household items and electronics. With Zilok you help save on the natural resources needed to produce more stuff.

Inspired by conservation and green movements in Europe, Zilok is the fun way to tackle over-consumption while expanding everyone’s access to the things they want and need—whether that is a scooter or Wii, a ratchet set or a tuxedo” offered Gary Cige, Cofounder and CEO of Zilok.

How to rent out just about anything on
Posting an item just takes a minute: Type in what it is, where it is and when it is available, upload a picture, set your price and choose payment methods. Before you know it you may receive your first text message or email notifying you that “Someone requested your item.” Not someone from out of state, someone from your actual area.

How to rent just about anything on
Just type in what you are looking for and where you live. Find the item, set the time frame of the rental and confirm the request with the retainer system. Next pickup the item locally and pay the owner directly. It is that easy.

What Zilok Users are Saying
Lionel from New York City: “I needed a twin jog stroller for a weekend, and found one on Zilok in my neighborhood. I saved time and about $200, for something I wouldn’t even know where to store.
Brianna from Seattle: “We have a scooter we don’t use much but pay insurance for. I listed it on Zilok and told neighbors. The word spread and it became an alternative transportation mode for some people in the community. I made more than $150 over this last couple of months, I’m glad we kept that scooter!
Tony from San Francisco: “My kayak doesn’t get out of the garage very often. I hate seeing things not being used, and I’m glad other people can enjoy it now it’s on Zilok. The extra money is nice, and I really like the community and the green aspects of it.

Zilok is the online rental marketplace, where anyone can offer just about anything for rent to the community. Zilok’s mission is to support and develop peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consuming.
Zilok went live in public beta in November 2007 in the United States, France and Belgium, and in Spring 2008 in the Netherlands and in the UK. US offices are based in San Francisco, CA. was awarded Site of the Week by PC Magazine, and elected the best European Startup by the audience of the Plugg Startup Rally 2008. Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.

MacBook Air – Zilok Lets You Try Before You Buy

If you’re wondering whether the new MacBook Air is the right laptop for you, you can rent it on and take it home for a test drive.

A tough call for the consumer
At the MacWorld expo on January 15th, Steve Jobs unveiled the most anticipated MacBook Air, the thinnest laptop in the world. As it hit the Apple stores by surprise on February 4th, the high price tag, disruptive innovations, uncertain availability and mixed online reviews left a tough call for the consumer.

A real-life try for $29 a day
Will the laptop be compatible with my other hardware? Can I manage without an optical drive? Is the form-factor worth the heavy sticker price? The Apple stores let you play with the ultraportable, but if that’s not enough for you to pull out the credit card, you’ll appreciate Zilok’s offer to rent it to you for $29 a day. This way, you can take it home and test it in your own real-life conditions. The MacBook Air can be picked up today at Zilok’s San Francisco offices and will be soon available across the nation-wide network of Zilok Ambassadors.

I check Zilok and Craigslist everyday
Sean, an early Zilok user and technology adopter, has booked the new Mac Book Air for two days. “I discovered Zilok as I was looking online for a DJ setup to rent. Next thing I did was to list my snowboard, and I already made more than a $100 out of it. Then I started looking daily for new cool stuff to rent, just like I do with Craigslist for stuff to buy. That’s how I came across the MacBook Air deal.

Zilok is the first online rental marketplace allowing individuals and businesses to list any kind of goods for rent. Zilok is promoting peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable, and community-driven alternative to buying and accumulating. Zilok was launched in October in Europe, with operations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and in early November in the United States, operating from San Francisco.
Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.

Zilok, the online rental marketplace, launches in the US

San Francisco, California, November 6, 2007 --, the first online rental marketplace for individuals and businesses, is opening up in the United States. is a new concept that is changing the habits of consumers. Now everyone can put their stuff up for rent, and rent anything they want to anyone around them. You already buy and sell your belongings on the internet, but now you can also enjoy the advantages of renting them online. A desire to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, urban living and the practical concerns of less storage space, gaining access to luxury goods, and an environmental impetus against overconsumption all contribute to a rising interest in renting.

"A new movement by consumers towards renting, as well as technological advancements in geo-localisation made it possible to create Zilok, a marketplace dedicated to renting" affirms Gary Cige, CEO and co-founder of

Make money renting your stuff.

"You sell on the internet, now you can rent!" is Zilok's new slogan. For the first time, individuals can put their goods for rent on the internet, and benefit from renting's numerous advantages: keep more of your stuff, and obtain revenues often greater than selling. The electric drill you only use once a year, the tuxedo or designer handbag stored at the back of the closet, your 3 person tent that you only use occasionally. Just think of everything you have lying around, and you'll quickly realize just how much you have to offer for rent.

Zilok's interface follows closely the model of established online marketplaces, so it can also be used by professionals, to access new clients and increase visibility with a new online presence. With Zilok, it is simple to manage even several thousand objects online, all on the same account. Rent whatever you want, easily and around you

You're looking for something to rent in your neighbourhood? Zilok makes it simple and easy for you. Just type in what you are looking for and where you are, and a list of available rentals will pop up on a map around you. The conditions of rental are set by the owner, who you can contact directly online to make a reservation. Need a sound system for a party, a tandem bike for a romantic weekend, or a projector for a sports night with friends? You'll find what you want on Zilok.

Most importantly, Zilok offers a system that inspires the confidence necessary for creating a rental agreement: a 360° evaluation (object, renter, owner of object), a standardized rental contract created for each rental, and an optimal privacy protection system.

Zilok aims to revolutionize the world of online rentals by opening it up to individuals, and by bringing together the currently very fragmented world of professional rentals. As new ways to consume are being created and explored, renting becomes a positive, sustainable alternative to buying and selling.


Zilok was launched in October 2007 by Gary Cige and Thibaud Elzière, the founder of the online image bank Zilok is the first ever online rental marketplace where anyone, from consumers to professionals, can offer up anything they own for rent.

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