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Mashable gives Zilok a beautiful review

Kristen Nicole greeted Zilok with an enthousiast and deep coverage on Mashable last night. Beautiful review from a most authoritative source!


We were very pleased that Kristen spotted and appreciated Zilok features allowing peer to peer renting to be convenient and stressfree: "Zilok is set up in a pretty useful manner, with the ability to add items to favorites, check the verification status of a renter, set prices and terms, and choose a length of time for rental. The two most useful aspects of Zilok are probably the PayPal deposit option, which curbs the renter from having items stolen, and a shared calendar for seeing when the item will be available for rent, and selecting the time you’d like to rent the item. I really like the self-regulation for Zilok that these options present."

Thanks Kristen and the Mashable team!

CNET is talking about Zilok!

Webware is giving a beautiful, positive and very personal review of Zilok. The guys are web 2.0 experts with a long track record of great insight, so really the compliments. Check out what Josh Lowensohn says!

CNET's Webware blog has always had great insight in the Web 2.0 arena.

Today they are talking about Zilok and give us a nice review:


Webware narrowed down why renting the items you occasionnaly use makes huge sense: "For folks who have something like a $500 Dyson vacuum that you bought and use once every six months, this service could theoretically help take a chunk out of the original purchase price by letting you rent it out to people who live near you."

Thanks Josh Lowensohn for this most relevant post!

Zilok just landed in the US, and it's already on TechCrunch!

Thanks a lot to the TechCrunch team, you broke the news by announcing Zilok's birth in the US hours after its online landing!

You can check it out at http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/11/05/zilok-allows-you-to-rent-anything-from-anyone/

We are pleased to hear that "the execution is good enough to catch the attention and maybe even take some bet on the future". We are convinced that renting will keep on being more and more important in our daily lives, and are glad to see that the Silicon Valley experts are feeling the same vibe!

Zilok, the online rental marketplace, launches in the US

San Francisco, California, November 6, 2007 -- Zilok.com, the first online rental marketplace for individuals and businesses, is opening up in the United States.

Zilok.com is a new concept that is changing the habits of consumers. Now everyone can put their stuff up for rent, and rent anything they want to anyone around them. You already buy and sell your belongings on the internet, but now you can also enjoy the advantages of renting them online. A desire to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, urban living and the practical concerns of less storage space, gaining access to luxury goods, and an environmental impetus against overconsumption all contribute to a rising interest in renting.

"A new movement by consumers towards renting, as well as technological advancements in geo-localisation made it possible to create Zilok, a marketplace dedicated to renting" affirms Gary Cige, CEO and co-founder of Zilok.com

Make money renting your stuff.

"You sell on the internet, now you can rent!" is Zilok's new slogan. For the first time, individuals can put their goods for rent on the internet, and benefit from renting's numerous advantages: keep more of your stuff, and obtain revenues often greater than selling. The electric drill you only use once a year, the tuxedo or designer handbag stored at the back of the closet, your 3 person tent that you only use occasionally. Just think of everything you have lying around, and you'll quickly realize just how much you have to offer for rent.

Zilok's interface follows closely the model of established online marketplaces, so it can also be used by professionals, to access new clients and increase visibility with a new online presence. With Zilok, it is simple to manage even several thousand objects online, all on the same account. Rent whatever you want, easily and around you

You're looking for something to rent in your neighbourhood? Zilok makes it simple and easy for you. Just type in what you are looking for and where you are, and a list of available rentals will pop up on a map around you. The conditions of rental are set by the owner, who you can contact directly online to make a reservation. Need a sound system for a party, a tandem bike for a romantic weekend, or a projector for a sports night with friends? You'll find what you want on Zilok.

Most importantly, Zilok offers a system that inspires the confidence necessary for creating a rental agreement: a 360° evaluation (object, renter, owner of object), a standardized rental contract created for each rental, and an optimal privacy protection system.

Zilok aims to revolutionize the world of online rentals by opening it up to individuals, and by bringing together the currently very fragmented world of professional rentals. As new ways to consume are being created and explored, renting becomes a positive, sustainable alternative to buying and selling.

About Zilok.com

Zilok was launched in October 2007 by Gary Cige and Thibaud Elzière, the founder of the online image bank Fotolia.com. Zilok is the first ever online rental marketplace where anyone, from consumers to professionals, can offer up anything they own for rent.

Press Contact

Jeff Boudier
Phone : 415-812-7637

Zilok US finally online !

USA has been waiting for us, we are finally here !

Zilok.com opens today in the US in its Icarus version.

The US Icarus version is now accessible through the address http://us.zilok.com.

We have been working like hell to make this platform available to the USA. So we count on you to participate in THE new revolution on the Internet, what we like to call, the online rental revolution.

Do not hesitate to share with us your remarks, suggestion or congratulations !.

Zilok – Renting : an ecological mode of consumption

Global warming, climate variations, a hole in the ozone layer, the drying up of natural resources, pollution in the water table... the environmental catastrophes of our era are closely linked to overconsumption!

For several years now, people have been searching for solutions to slow down these negative impacts on the environment which threaten future generations. Policies of severe control, anti-pollution plans, polluter-pay principles, banning of certain substances, all these plans and more are being put in place in order to save the planet.

But what if the best solution for less consumption was a more efficient use of our resources? To consume less we need to share our personal goods, thus increasing their usefulness. Living with roommates, organizing carpools, and renting are no longer simply ways of reducing costs, they can be seen as a contribution to the overall ecological effort.

Renting presents a real solution to the growing problems of overconsumption, for it replaces the buy and sell economy with a more economical approach based on usage and usefulness. Renting is thus a new more sustainable equilibrium for our economy, environment and society.

Put Everything and Anything up for Rent on Zilok

There is a buzz lately in the US and Europe around the idea of renting deluxe handbags. More recently, there’s been quite serious talk worldwide on the idea of renting animals for company (and not for medical reasons, such as seeing-eye dogs).

Rental situations such as renting a power drill for home renovations, a video projector for watching the big game with some friends, or a musical instrument to try something new, are just a few ideas from the vast potential of what people can rent or rent out.

Do you have some unique rental ideas to share? An item that you saw on Zilok, or a product that you already put up for rent?

Let readers of this blog know all about it!

Zilok welcomes rental professionals in the USA!

Renter’s and rental businesses have already showed a great interest in the services Zilok offers.

Zilok allows professionals to put items up for rent through the internet. Zilok’s interface follows closely the model of established online marketplaces, so professionals can use it to access new clients and increase visibility with a new online presence. This online rental marketplace for rental professionals makes it possible for any professional to manage anywhere from 1 to thousands of items!

Before publicly opening the site, we have invited some professional renters to rent out their items in “Avant Premiere”!

We wanted to welcome you all on Zilok.com in the US

P.S. : Do not waste any time, signup now for free, and start renting your items out right away!