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On the Zilok Blog, you’ll find all the news and tips related to the online peer-to-peer renting services. Whether you’re an individual or a rental professional, the Zilok Blog answers all your questions and invites you to share your experience.

Make money spreading the word!

Zilok is so useful, you want all your neighbors and friends to subscribe and list all the cool things they own for rent. The more people and the more accessible stuff, the more power to Zilok members!

So we built a set of generous incentives so you can make money while spreading the word. That's the Partner Program.

With the Partner Program, we offer you a set of tools so you can invite your friends and advertise Zilok online and offline. Every new Zilok member that will have signed up using one of your tools will become your affiliate.
That means you will earn 10% of the rental commission on each transaction involving your affiliates, whether they are the owner or the renter. And that's going to be valid for a year!

Not only can you make extra money renting your stuff, now you can make even more inviting friends and visitors!

We set up many tools (and more to come) so you can get lots of affiliates:

Zilok Invitations

Zilok created for you a system that allows you to very simply send to people you know invitations to check out and sign up to Zilok. Each invitation email will include a referral email. When your friends subscribe by using this link within 15 days, they become your affiliates for a year!
And for even more convenience, you can automatically retrieve all your contacts from your favorite webmail provider.

Invite your friends now >>

Advertise Zilok

You can get easily get lots of affiliates by promoting Zilk, either online or offline.
Offline, all you have to do is give your friends your Parner Code. You'll find it with the other Affiliation Tools. When they sign up, they enter your code, they become your affiliate for a year.
Online, you can display Zilok banners on your blog or personal website. When people sign up through these banners, they become your affiliates!

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More information about the Partner Program

New Feature: Ask questions to the owners!

Zilok is all about the community. We take feedback from our members very seriously, and would like to thank everyone for their valuable input.

Now, following up on many user requests, we introduce a new feature that allows to directly ask questions to owners of rental items!

When looking up an object, if the description is not enough for you to make your decision, you can use the button located on the owner profile to get some more information. Enjoy!

Zilok wishes you the best for 2008!

Our whole staff would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope that the Zilok community will keep growing strong and providing you endless exciting renting possibilities.

In 2008, Zilok will keep adding more and more features and welcoming more countries, to better serve all of you!

Holidays planning could use a bit of renting!!

It's now time to work on the final details of the holidays big parties organization. Need an air mattress to welcome family members, extra chairs or tableware, a Santa Claus costume? Find it close by on Zilok!

And if you already have some of these items but are not planning on using them, here's your chance to try renting them out on Zilok.
Because that's where people are looking for them.

Zilok is a proud member of the American Rental Association

Zilok mission statement is to allow anyone to conveniently find anything available locally for rent. We want to promote renting as opposed to buying as a new, sustainable and community driven way of consuming.

We are achieving this by:

  • encouraging people to embrace the peer-to-peer renting trend and share their resources with their community
  • helping people to find and support their local rental businesses

So we are happy and honored to be recognized by the American Rental Association as a valuable resource for their members, the American Rental Businesses.

Zilok members are making big news on ABC!

The Zilok community is growing fast and is about to become a phenomenon, as new members experience a new way of consuming by sharing their stuff with their community.

ABC 7 sensed this new trend and worth a big story. They interviewed two of our fellow users, Melissa who borrowed a ladder from Jimmy through Zilok.

Here's what they say about their experience :

Jimmy: "I needed money and I had a lot of stuff to offer. I thought it was cool! I like the idea of neighbors doing it - people who live close by. So you feel like you're kind of lending to a neighbor. I think if the right people are connecting on it - it will work out!"
Melissa: "Because this is more of a community thing and regular people, the prices were more reasonable. Most people agree that's a reasonable rate for renting a ladder!"

Thanks Melissa and Jimmy for sharing your experience!

Watch the video below or read the article here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Zilok community, on behalf of the whole Zilok staff, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!! Maybe you're not ready quite yet to rent your turkey. We understand.

But if you're looking for tables, chairs to welcome your family, or fun toys to entertain the kids, like, say, an inflatable castle, come get it from your community on Zilok!

Zilok is awarded site of the week by PC Magazine!

Zilok is the site of the Week for PC Magazine. We hope you feel the same way too! We are very happy and feel most rewarded by this award and would like to share it with you.

We were rewarded today with a most beautiful surprise, as Zilok was awarded site of the week by PCMag.com!

After months and months of hard and exciting work, it feels great to be on the same pedestal as LinkedIn and Last.fm.

But let's hear what the expert says:

"We all have a ton of stuff we barely use that's just gathering dust in the garage or closet. You could justify your purchase of that cordless drill or ski set by inventing new ways to use them between uses, but why not put them to work making money for you? Zilok.com gives you an online place where you can easily do just that and also easily find items you'll only need for a short time. The creators hope to make their site the one-stop online shop for locating anything you need on a temporary basis."

Our favorite quote: "Zilok sounds like a fantastic idea", we sure love the sound of that!

From customer to user, from buying to renting? (The Compact)

We would like to share with you the story of The Compact, a group of friends who decided to experiment not buying anything new for a year. Too bad they didn't wait for Zilok to help them in their quest!

We've been very inspired, at Zilok, when reading the article The Compact in the excellent GOOD Magazine.

The story starts on New Year's Eve 2006, when a group of environmentally concerned San Francisco friends vowed to spend the whole new year without buying anything new. Sort of a group rehab for guilty feeling consumers, if you will...

They called themselves The Compact, created an online group, and soon enough the buzz became so loud that 9,000 people from all over the world responded and asked to join the initiative!
Unfortunately for the compacters, Zilok was not online at the time for them to use their communities hidden ressources!

The impact and momentum this small group of individuals had is unintentional, and striking. From regional stories to national broadcast with Today, Good Morning America, and CBS News, everyone could relate to what they were saying.

What were they saying? That they want "1) to go beyond recycling in trying to counteract the negative global environmental and socioeconomic impacts of U.S. consumer culture, to resist global corporatism, and to support local businesses, farms, etc; 2) to reduce clutter and waste in our homes; 3) to simplify our lives;"

We think that sharing and renting from your community fellows and local businesses can serve exactly these purposes, and we hope that Zilok will somehow contribute spreading and supporting more sustainable consuming habits!

Hey, publishers, leave them kids alone!

Textbooks costs soared to such a level that colleges, student associations, publishers and lawmakers have been brainstorming over the last four years on how to reduce this burden on college students.

With textbook annual budget increasing 20% over three years to a stunning $900 in 2006/2007, and continuous new editions making used books scarce and expensive, renting is the option that makes most sense!

So, if your college can't rent you books at this point, you know what to do: save money by using Zilok to conveniently share and rent your textbooks within the students community!