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A new look for Zilok Homepage!

Zilok was created for the community. The community wanted more ideas, more examples, more real-life stories. So we created a totally new homepage, with testimonials, items recently rented, and examples of what you'll find on Zilok!

Since we launched, people have given us lots of tips and suggestions about how they would like the website to evolve. We listen, we respond, we adapt, and we appreciate all this valuable feedback and conversation.

So today, we are very proud and happy to present you the new face of Zilok. This new face resembles our community and features the heart of our project: making everything accessible to people at a bargain.

You'll see some of the faces and stories behind the first items that were available on our site, you'll see more examples of cool things to rent for a project, for a weekend, for a visit, you'll see more in-depth stories about Zilok and our community.

This wasn't easy, but we're happy about the result. We hope you are too, and keep on the good work by telling us what you'd like to see changed, updated, or just what you like!

Special thanks to our members that were specially involved in the suggestions, content, testing of this new homepage: Karen, Adrianna, Zach, Brandy, Bob, Jimmy, Claire, Thierry, Valentine, Nicholas, Marie, John and Byron.

If you'd like to submit your own story about Zilok, contact us! We love to hear from you.

Bob, 32, New York City (NY)

I rent electronics to small businesses. With my Zilok account, I found 12 new clients last month and made $3,500 extra income. Priceless

Karen, 44, North Prairie (WI)

For my son's 12th Bday, I wanted an inflatable house. I googled it, found Zilok, and the kids had a blast. Love the concept, keep it up!

Zach, 36, Brooklyn (NY)

When I found Zilok I realized everything I needed for my home improvement project was in the neighborhood, and I saved $450 on my budget.

Brandy, 38, Los Angeles (CA)

As a professional event planner, I always have to find specific rentals. For me there is a before and an after Zilok: I saved so much time.

Adrianna, 21, Berkeley (CA)

I threw a party for my student association, and needed to find a sound system, heaters, tables and chairs... I'm so glad I found Zilok!!

Jimmy, 29, San Francisco (CA)

I have a garage full of stuff gathering dust. Since it's on Zilok.com, it helps out local people every week, and I already made $200!

Plugg selects Zilok in their Top 20 startups!

An international panel of web 2.0, mobile and Venture Capital experts has chosen Zilok as one of the Top 20 startups from 18 European countries, to compete in an event organized by Plugg for the Startup of the Year Award.

We are very excited to be considered the top of the crop by industry experts, and hope to bring the Award back from Brussels.

For more information, check out this article from TechCrunch UK, and the Plugg website.

Zilok at the Rental Show 2008

Zilok is a proud member of the American Rental Association. Each year, the ARA organizes the most important event for the industry: The Rental Show.

Imagine 650 manufacturers of heavy-duty machinery and event rentals, spread out on 750,000 square feet in 3,500 booths, visited by 11,000 rental businesses owners and managers!

This year, however, it is very special. One, because it's happening in Las Vegas. And two, because Zilok is there for the first time!

We want to promote renting as a new, sustainable and community driven way of consuming, as opposed to buying and accumulating. Our mission is to make anything that you can possibly rent accessible to our community, locally and conveniently.

One very good way to do this is to support local businesses, and that's why we are rallying rental businesses from the 50 States today, to help them be a part of the online marketplace, and to help you find what you want, when you want it, and where you want it.

MacBook Air – Zilok Lets You Try Before You Buy

If you’re wondering whether the new MacBook Air is the right laptop for you, you can rent it on Zilok.com and take it home for a test drive.

A tough call for the consumer
At the MacWorld expo on January 15th, Steve Jobs unveiled the most anticipated MacBook Air, the thinnest laptop in the world. As it hit the Apple stores by surprise on February 4th, the high price tag, disruptive innovations, uncertain availability and mixed online reviews left a tough call for the consumer.

A real-life try for $29 a day
Will the laptop be compatible with my other hardware? Can I manage without an optical drive? Is the form-factor worth the heavy sticker price? The Apple stores let you play with the ultraportable, but if that’s not enough for you to pull out the credit card, you’ll appreciate Zilok’s offer to rent it to you for $29 a day. This way, you can take it home and test it in your own real-life conditions. The MacBook Air can be picked up today at Zilok’s San Francisco offices and will be soon available across the nation-wide network of Zilok Ambassadors.

I check Zilok and Craigslist everyday
Sean, an early Zilok user and technology adopter, has booked the new Mac Book Air for two days. “I discovered Zilok as I was looking online for a DJ setup to rent. Next thing I did was to list my snowboard, and I already made more than a $100 out of it. Then I started looking daily for new cool stuff to rent, just like I do with Craigslist for stuff to buy. That’s how I came across the MacBook Air deal.

About Zilok.com
Zilok is the first online rental marketplace allowing individuals and businesses to list any kind of goods for rent. Zilok is promoting peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable, and community-driven alternative to buying and accumulating. Zilok was launched in October in Europe, with operations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and in early November in the United States, operating from San Francisco.
Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.