MacBook Air – Zilok Lets You Try Before You Buy

If you’re wondering whether the new MacBook Air is the right laptop for you, you can rent it on and take it home for a test drive.

A tough call for the consumer
At the MacWorld expo on January 15th, Steve Jobs unveiled the most anticipated MacBook Air, the thinnest laptop in the world. As it hit the Apple stores by surprise on February 4th, the high price tag, disruptive innovations, uncertain availability and mixed online reviews left a tough call for the consumer.

A real-life try for $29 a day
Will the laptop be compatible with my other hardware? Can I manage without an optical drive? Is the form-factor worth the heavy sticker price? The Apple stores let you play with the ultraportable, but if that’s not enough for you to pull out the credit card, you’ll appreciate Zilok’s offer to rent it to you for $29 a day. This way, you can take it home and test it in your own real-life conditions. The MacBook Air can be picked up today at Zilok’s San Francisco offices and will be soon available across the nation-wide network of Zilok Ambassadors.

I check Zilok and Craigslist everyday
Sean, an early Zilok user and technology adopter, has booked the new Mac Book Air for two days. “I discovered Zilok as I was looking online for a DJ setup to rent. Next thing I did was to list my snowboard, and I already made more than a $100 out of it. Then I started looking daily for new cool stuff to rent, just like I do with Craigslist for stuff to buy. That’s how I came across the MacBook Air deal.

Zilok is the first online rental marketplace allowing individuals and businesses to list any kind of goods for rent. Zilok is promoting peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable, and community-driven alternative to buying and accumulating. Zilok was launched in October in Europe, with operations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and in early November in the United States, operating from San Francisco.
Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.


The Apple stores let you play with the ultraportable, but if that’s not enough for you to pull out the credit card, you’ll appreciate Zilok’s offer to rent it to you for $29 a day. [link=]iTunes Error 56[/link]
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That's way more clveer than I was expecting. Thanks!
  • written by Githa
  • on 2011-04-24 5:02 pm
here's a good review on macbook air pros and cons:
  • written by Loise
  • on 2008-04-14 12:57 pm
Would like to rent the airbook for a day or two, sufficient to write a review of your rental services for the environmental blog ""

Please msg back about how best to proceed. I reside on the East Coast in zip code 19355

John Laumer
  • written by John Laumer
  • on 2008-02-05 11:19 pm
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