Scientifically proven: Zilok will be the next Google!!


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Sean Gourley of YouNoodle predicted, mathematically, that Zilok will become the next Google. The numbers do not lie. Neither does Sean... Watch the interview on NBC!

Sean's webiste, YouNoodle, uses savvy technology and takes over 24 factors to calculate an online start-up's potential to become the next big thing.

Watch the Interview on NBC's Press-Here:


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  • written by Emberlynn
  • on 2016-02-03 7:02 am
What a great rerousce this text is.
  • written by Wednesday
  • on 2016-01-16 1:59 am
I was really conufesd, and this answered all my questions.
  • written by Honney
  • on 2011-09-07 4:53 pm
Zilok very interesting article on your company. I dont recall him saying zilok would be the next google. I think you have a great product and service but you shouldnt misrepresent your company. It can come back to haunt you.
  • written by Jen Boo Glass
  • on 2009-04-04 4:30 pm
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