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Last friday we had the pleasure to see a great story about Zilok in the ABC 7 evening news by Leslie Brinkley. If you missed it we have the video right here for you!

Hit by the credit crunch and by soaring prices, people are looking for new ways to save and make money. Zilok provides both, and is becoming more and more newsworthy.

Here's an excerpt from the story, which you can read in full on ABC 7 site, and of course you can watch the video below.

"One innovative Bay Area company is helping people save money and make money, in this economy. The website Zilok connects users with neighbors who want to rent their barely-used household appliances or tools.
Need a fan during a heat wave? You can borrow one for $5 a day. Need a printer? That will be $10 a day. If you want to loan out your iPhone, you could stand to make $25 a day.
Current hot rentals include baby strollers and car seats for out of town guests, digital cameras and video games, and sporting gear like kayaks and bicycles.
In the year since its inception, Zilok is offering more than 100,000 items in many major cities. Those items include everything from blenders and spatulas to a Ferrari Spider for $3,000 a day."

Thanks to Josh for accepting to be interviewed by ABC 7 to tell about his Zilok experience. If you too would like to be part of future stories featuring our community, please send us a quick message so we can reach out to you if a reporter asks for a testimonial in your area.

Last year ABC 7 had broadcasted another story about us, it's fun to see how Zilok has changed while staying useful to people.


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  • on 2012-12-07 8:57 pm
AFAICT you've cveored all the bases with this answer!
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  • on 2011-05-02 3:46 am
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