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Zilok has been selected by PC World as one of the most useful sites for buying, selling or renting almost anything. We would like to welcome all PC World readers and hope that they will take the opportunity to rent their gear!

The Web is becoming everyday a more useful resource for every aspect of our lives. But as the number of services increases, it's hard to keep track of the ones that matter, the ones that will have a real impact on our lives.

PC World wants to help you discovering and keeping track of the latest and most useful services, and issued this week a guide of the 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites.

We're very happy to be featured in this list, as part of the 7 most useful services for Buying, Selling and Renting Almost Anything, right next to Craigslist!

Here's how PC World describes us: "The site hosts rental listings from people in your community for things you might need to use only once--a power tool, a picnic table, a warehouse space, a van--things you'd usually be far better off renting than buying outright.". That's right, most of the things we own we barely use, so it makes lots of sense renting them to other people. On the flip side, next time you need something for a short use, save some money and the environment renting them from a neighbor on Zilok!


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  • written by Adaeze
  • on 2015-12-04 9:18 pm
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  • written by Elieanthony
  • on 2015-12-03 1:44 am
Yes you have reportable inmoce from your description of the situation.If in fact you are renting without a profit motive, then you would list all rent as other inmoce. You could not take a loss on the rental inmoce, and other expenses could be deducted on Schedule A only up to the value of the rent (miscellaneou deductions). This is an expensive way to receive the inmoce.The fact that there is no formal lease agreement, or that the rental inmoce you receive is less than your expenses, is not relevant to determine whether you have reportable inmoce. You may also not know the actual market rent for the units you are going to rent. If you rent your home at a fair market price, then you use Schedule E to record your profit and loss. It is common for Schedule E to show a loss, which can be used to offset your other inmoce.
  • written by Thabile
  • on 2015-11-30 3:41 pm
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  • written by auycqhf
  • on 2012-12-12 2:11 am
I've been lkooing for a post like this for an age
  • written by Gatsy
  • on 2012-12-08 1:52 am
Hi hope you get this let me know, nice to see the website up and ruinnng last time I checked (a couple of years ago) it was only an address so great to see it all working well, take care sure Vicky and Peggy will cringe at the photo as well lol our task next time is to take photos of MEN AT WORK kind regards Gill
  • written by Leonid
  • on 2012-12-06 7:21 pm
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