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This month, the Reader's Digest gives us a goldmine of tips and tricks to get the best deals and save the most money online. Our favorite trick? Save and make money renting anything on Zilok.com!

Here is an excerpt of the article:"Need a trombone, power saw, or bow and arrows? Rent an amazing assortment of stuff-you name it, it's available-from individuals at zilok.com, which covers 50 cities in 17 states. Type in what you're looking for, where you live, and how long you'll need it, then make arrangements with the owner for pickup. Mason Carroll, a software professional in San Francisco, rented a kayak for $40 a day. He enjoyed paddling around Shasta Lake for far less than if he'd purchased the same kayak for $350. You can rent your stuff to others too."

Thanks Mason for sharing your experience of Zilok with the Reader's Digest! If you want to share your own experience, contact us and submit us a testimonial telling how much money you saved or made with Zilok. Your testimonial may be featured on our home page, and you could be featured in future articles about Zilok!

Zilok is a great way to save money. But what's even more exciting is the money making part of it. How much money? Renting what? Figure it out with our new Rental Income Simulator!


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