John V., AAA Rental System, Illinois

John V., Marketing Manager at AAA Rental System (Illinois) really believes in this truly innovative approach to the rental industry.

I believe that Zilok offers a truly innovative approach to the rental industry. At the heart of this bold statement is Zilok's dynamic online platform. Renters and the people who rent alike are able to easily make tangible exchanges in a virtual medium simply by visiting their website.

One of our initial concerns was getting our huge inventory of items listed, but Zilok integrated it with no problem at all. If you are looking to rent anything is certainly the place and I am proud to work with them.


  • written by Kevlyn
  • on 2016-01-16 3:31 am
Tip top stuff. I'll execpt more now.
  • written by Melvina
  • on 2011-11-24 7:33 pm
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