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Today's Daily Candy is Zilok. We hope you find it sweet and delicio.us! The quickest ones to list rental items will be rewarded with a free feature on the home page!

It's time we make a change about the way we consume. Do we really need to buy and accumulate all this new stuff? Seriously, how often do you use this fancy purse, this ice-cream maker, this bike... well most of your things really? Some things we use all the time, some we just occasionally need to have access to. That's where Zilok can help, connecting you with other people in the community to support a green lifestyle with peer-to-peer renting.

And if you don't do it for the environment, do it for the money! Zilok is a great and easy way to make an extra buck using what you already have. In return people will save money when they'll find out they can rent your things instead of buying them new.

So if you like this candy, please help jumpstart a Zilok community around you by listing some of your things online and telling neighbors and friends about it. Creating an account and listing rental items is free!

Who's going to be first? If you are the first one to post an item (with a picture) in your city and in a category, send us a message and we'll feature your item on the home page for free!

Special thanks to Jasmine and Lauren at Daily Candy for discovering and featuring us in this post.


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  • on 2017-05-14 8:22 pm
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I read Daily Candy this morning and immediately jumped on to this site. Awesome idea! I just posted a car seat rental in Mission Viejo - feature me please :-)

  • written by Pattie Cordova
  • on 2008-06-04 5:20 pm
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