For PC Magazine, Zilok is the Way to Rent from the Net


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We were honored six months ago to be awarded Site of the Week by PC Magazine. PC Mag takes a closer look at our new version and features. It's official now, to rent on the net, Zilok is the way to go!

A few good quotes from the PCMag article, that was also published on

"Zilok, the world's largest peer-to-peer renting platform, might be exactly what you need to make money from the things you have and save money on the things you need only temporarily."

"The cool thing about Zilok is that it lets you rent all sorts of items you might not easily find otherwise, whether you need a digital SLR camera for the weekend, are looking for an inflatable fun-house for a birthday party, or just want to borrow someone else's MacBook Air to try before you buy your own."

Welcome back PC Magazine readers, thanks Errol for the insightful coverage.

Here is also the orginial Site of the Week review.


Thank you for your forum.Really thank you! Awesome. - Hesseltine
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A round of applause for your forum topic.Thanks Again. Really Cool. - Metaxas
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