Zilok and peer-to-peer renting in the New York Times


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Rent Anything... From the Family Down the Street. With its excellent blog Bits (for Business - Innovation - Technology - Society), the New York Times nailed down the new trend of peer-to-peer renting.

"You can rent a car online. But how about a power drill? Or a disco globe? Or your neighbor’s pool-cleaning equipment?" That's indeed where Zilok comes into play, letting people connect and profit from what's already there, a few doors or blocks away.

Peer-to-peer renting will become stronger and stronger as sustainability, scarcity of resources and limitation of storage space become more important in everybody's daily life. The New York Times post spotted this, and a Wikipedia article provides more background on this new consuming trend. One thing Bits didn't spot, though, is that Zilok.com is operating in 5 countries already, with the United States, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and now the Netherlands!

Our mission statement is to support and foster peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable, and community driven way of consuming. So you can imagine we were very interested by this article!


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  • written by Astergo
  • on 2017-05-27 3:16 pm
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  • on 2017-05-07 7:30 am
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  • on 2017-05-02 12:07 am
  • written by Astergo
  • on 2017-05-01 8:27 am
Love the sharing economy! I just rented a dress on StyleLend.com! Loved the service and can't wait to see more companies like this!
  • written by Gabriela
  • on 2014-02-21 6:38 pm
I think peer-to-peer commerce is awesome. It's not just about money, cars, or apartments. It should be about everything and anything. My friend recently launched a service that follows the same peer-to-peer lending concept: www.CameraLends.com, a peer-to-peer local camera gear website. They've launched in SF. I'm excited to see it keep growing!

  • written by Alyson
  • on 2013-03-01 6:28 am
That's relaly thinking at a high level
  • written by Anitra
  • on 2012-12-09 10:43 am
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interested in seeing what is available saw it on tv
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